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2011-2012 Funded Projects

Fall 2011 (pending)| Spring 2011

SPRING 2011 AWARDS - $15,549 awarded! (Projects to be completed between 7/1/11 and 6/30/12)

11S-1 Bridge After-School Enrichment (Year 2) BSS $2,000
Beth Goldstein, Johanna McKenna, Michaela O'Brien
This project will continue to provide classes in Spanish, fiber arts, animal and pet care, yoyo, outdoor education, and sports and movement activities. Experienced teachers will be hired from the school and the local arts community, and a Program Coordinator will be hired to oversee onsite program details.

11S-2 Yoga in the Classroom (Year 3) Leeds $1,000
Hollie Marron, Karen Bryant, Diana Ramsden
In six after-school sessions, teachers will learn yoga as a tool for health and wellness, and receive support as they develop and implement yoga techniques in their classrooms. 3rd year project will expand to include both Leeds and Ryan Road schools.

11S-3 What's Math Go To Do With It? (Year 2) RFKRR $1,016
Margaret Riddle, Beth Brady, Michele Andrews, Patricia Erikson, Rebecca Thomas, Pamela Maurer, Jen Crowther
This project will acquaint teachers and family members, working together, with the research that supports a new way of teaching math. The group will read the book What's Math Got To Do With It? and, in one-hour sessions, try out each of the four number operations using strategies the children use. The result will be that parents are prepared to support their children's math education at home.

11S-4 Welcoming New Students and Staff (Year 1) RFKRR $1,800
Margaret Riddle, Andrea Egitto, Susan Lucey, Sara Simmons
Staff members will beet to review "Responsive Classroom" resources, summarize support material into "Tips for Welcoming New..." to be used in the orientation of new students and teachers.

11S-5 What's The Big Idea? Ethical Questions through Film (Year 1) JFK $2,000
Julie Akeret, Nancy Cheevers, Dinah Mack
Develop a web site to accompany Part 1 of the film "What's the Big Idea," which looks at issues around the topic of bullying. The web site will contain necessary curriculum and support materials for teachers to present this topic in either short of long lesson plans.

11S-6 Jazz Education (Year 3) JFK $1,000
Claire-Ann Williams
This project will introduce 140 traditional band students to styles, influences, and practitioners of jazz. Subsequently, 20-25 jazz band students in grades 6-8 will take part in three hands-on, skill-building clinics led by Northampton-area musicians. 3rd year funding will be used to complete acquisition of diverse collection of jazz literature. The band leader will lead weekly jazz band rehearsals.

11S-7 Middle School Weekly Podcasts (Year 1) JFK $1,953
John Crescitelli
This project will create 3 podcasting stations in computer classroom, to be used by 7th grade students to develop an informational podcast channel that will be posted on the main JFK website. The podcasts will keep parents and the community at large informed about JFK, via weekly updates, postings of upcoming events and classroom projects.

11S-8 7th and 8th Grade Library Reading Program (Year 1) JFK $1,930
Kate Shaw Olander
This project will promote reading and increase the use of JFK reading collection by 7th and 8th grade students. The JFK librarian will host a bi-weekly book group for 7th and 8th grade students. The library will collaborate with teachers to increase students' access to library during classes and study halls. Comfortable, durable seating will be purchased for the library in an effort to create a more inviting atmosphere for informal reading.

11S-9 Middle School Mentors (Year 3) JFK, BSS, RKFRR, Leeds $1,000
Linda Hamashima Umbach
Year 3 introduces the participation of Bridge Street School to the project. The work begun at the Leeds School last year will also be revised and possibly expanded. The project trains Middle School students to become peer mentors for elementary schoolers. With supervision from elementary after-school staff, the mentors assist with reading skills, art and cooking projects, and board game mastery. After each session, mentors meet with the project advisor for debriefing and support.

11S-10 Story Theatre Workshop (Year 2) NHS, JSS, RKFRR $1,850
Elizabeth Wotjusik, Stephen Eldridge, Kim Gerould, Aaron Pizali, Andrea Egitto, Diana Ramsden
NHS theatre students will perform an original adaptation of an American folktale for kindergarten through 3rd grade students at both Ryan Road and Jackson Street schools. These performances will be structured in an intentional way that supports development of children's oral discussion, reading, and writing skills.


Last Updated: June 9, 2010