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2009-2010 Funded Projects

Fall 2009 | Spring 2009

SPRING 2009 AWARDS - $15,975 awarded! (Projects to be completed between 7/1/09 and 6/30/10)

09S-1 Yoga in the Classroom (1st year) Leeds $2,000
Hollie Marron, Janet Spearance, Karen Bryant
Eight teachers will take part in classes to learn yoga, and in after-school sessions they will be trained and supported as they use yoga in their classrooms.

09S-2 Inspiring Young Writers (2nd yr) RFKRR $2,000
Margaret Riddle, Paula Drabek, Cindy Berry, Michele Andrews, Greg Kerstetter
The goal of this project is to inspire students to write fluently. A consultant will lead a series of eight writing workshops in third and fifth grade classrooms. As a result, students will be able to recognize the strengths in their pieces and teachers will learn how to lead the workshops themselves. Each student's favorite piece will be published in a class booklet. In addition, a writing workshop for the entire faculty will be offered so that other grade levels may benefit.

09S-3 Middle School Mentors (1st year) JFK, RFKRR $2,000
Linda Hamashima Umbach, Sal Canata

Fifteen JFK students will be trained to become peer mentors, and then be paired with RFKRR students as part of the after-school program. An adult advisor and several after-school coordinators will provide the training and program oversight. At the end of each peer mentoring session, the JFK student mentors and their advisor will meet for processing, support, and additional training.

09S-4 Jazz Education for Middle Schoolers (1st year) JFK $2,000
Claire-anne Williams
This project will introduce 140 traditional band students to styles, influences, and practitioners of jazz. Subsequently, 20-25 jazz band students, in grades 6-8, will take part in three hands-on skill-building clinics led by Northampton-area musicians. New arrangements will be acquired and the school's band drum will be upgraded. The band leader will lead weekly jazz band rehearsals.

09S-5 Dance! Baile! Drum! (2nd year) JFK $1,000
Julie Spencer-Robinson
TSeventy-five sixth-graders will learn Latin American and West African dance from native teachers. The two weeks of intensive dance and drumming instruction complement the varied approach to teaching about Latin America and Africa, which will also include reading and writing, researching chosen topics, cooking food from the regions, and creating Latin American and African art projects.

09S-6 Literacy Through Photography (3rd year) NHS $1,000
Kate Way, Michael Jacobson-Hardy
This year-long project will serve fifteen to twenty "underachieving" students, who will borrow the project's cameras to document their lives, both in and outside of school. The focus will be on combining written and visual literacy as a means of expression, and on producing work of quality and depth which reflects the students' lives. The final phase of the project will be to select and combine various photographs and writing from each student into a group show to be exhibited in the area. At each step along the way, students will be learning skills deeply embedded in both language and image-based literacy.

09S-7 Art and the Three R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) (1st year) NHS $1250
Martha McCormick
The Graphic Design class will design logos or other "Green" designs for reusable shopping bags and possibly tee shirts, and print them using the silkscreen method. These items could be used by the students themselves, for art department fundraising, and/or for funding to replenish printing supplies to continue this project.

09S-8 Culinary Competition (2nd year) SVAHS $2,000
Nelson Lacey
All interested students take part in eight weeks of after-school training in the areas of menu building and design, food cost, plate presentations, garnishing, hands-on practice with different foods, equipment and cooking methods, and practice working in competition-like conditions. Five students will be selected to take part in the state-wide Pro-Start culinary competition, with a chance at advancing to the national level.

09S-9 Exploring Ocean Ecosystems (1st year) SVAHS $1725
Mary Belge
TStudents in the Environmental Science class will supplement their study of ocean ecosystems and the effects of climate change with a day-long field trip to the New England Aquarium and a whale watch, where they will be accompanied by a marine educator. It is anticipated that this will be the first time that some of the students have seen the ocean.

09S-10 Veterans in the Classroom (3rd year) SVAHS $1,000
Rob Wilson, Kathy Brown, Matthew Gilbert
The project will bring volunteer veteran speakers, trained by the Veterans Education Project (VEP), into classrooms to give presentations that will complement the History, English, Health, Violence Prevention, and Substance Abuse Prevention curricula. Speakers will share compelling stories about important historical eras, drawn from wartime and civilian life experiences, from the 1940s to the present.


Last Updated: July 15,2009