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2005-2006 Funded Projects

Fall 2005 | Spring 2005

FALL 2005 AWARDS - (Projects to be completed between 1/1/06 and 6/30/06) - applications due Octoboer 21, 2005.

05F-1 Teaching Chemistry/Community Service Learning $1,920
Susan Biggs, Northampton High School

This project works in conjunction with a course designed for students who enjoyed their 1st year in chemistry and wish to continue to probe the concepts while sharing their interest with others. Students will examine the science curriculum in the Northampton elementary grades and identify opportunities for additional chemistry to complement the content of the curriculum. Students will work in small project groups of 4 to 6 students and will be matched with two elementary classes. In co-ordination with the teachers of the elementary grades they are paired with, the team will develop lesson presentations complete with demonstration and experiment materials. HS students will travel to Bridge Street School to present their lesson. This project also provides a new chemistry course for HS students who want to pursue an interest in Chemistry but may not wish to take AP Chemistry.

05F-2 Bridge Street School Newsletter $634
Jane Fleishman, Mary Tighe, Johanna McKenna

This grant funds a newsletter at the Bridge Street School, providing opportunities for students to publish their own newsletter. This provides writing and artistic opportunities and enhances communication within the school community.

05F-3 Phonics Curriculum Collaboration Bridge and Jackson Kindergarten and Second Grade Teachers $1350
Barbara Black, Mary Ellen Reed, Diane Connors

The Kindergarten through third grade teachers from the Bridge and Jackson Street Schools are working together to design and create developmentally appropriate phonics activities and materials to support the new English Language Arts curriculum. Teachers attended professional development workshops in the spring of 2005. They will develop materials, picture and word cards, games, and other activities to support and implement the phonics and word study lessons that they plan to incorporate in our classrooms.
This project was funded as a mini-grant last year so this would be a second-year grant.

05F-4 Field Test Boston Museum of Science Elementary Engineering Curriculum $2000
Gwen Agna, Kim Gerould

Introduces the new Museum of Science Engineering Curriculum in the 3rd and 5th grades at Jackson Street School. This is an opportunity to field test new materials and to take advantage of several Smith College science and engineering faculty who are JSS parents.
Cost includes the services of a Smith College graduate who is an engineer to help develop the materials and work with teachers on using them.

05F-5 Bridge Street School Second Annual Science Fair $1313.50
Joan Tabachnick, Johanna McKenna, Karen Hurd

This grant supports the second year of a science fair at BSS. The applicants will produce a manual and build in some fundraising elements to sustain the project in the future. Teachers and parents will work with students in grades 2-5 to develop science fair projects, and there will be a week-long after school clinic to provide extra help. Supplies will be provided at no charge. There will be a fair, complete with pizza and prizes, at the end.

05F-6 JSS Presents Mad Hot Dances $1587
Kim O’Connell, Janis Totty

This project is collaboration between the PE and music teachers at JSS. Students will be introduced to one of 5 different styles of dancing (country line, salsa, Filipino Tinikling, swing, and hip-hop) during music classes, chorus, and physical education courses. There will be a performance in June. This innovative course addresses issues of respect, performance skills, self-confidence, and teaches about different cultures.

05F-7 “Original Moments in History” Joint 5th Grade Enchanted Circle Theater Residency and Curriculum Development $2000
Sue Fink, Holly Ghazey

This collaborative program involves all 5th graders (and the rest of the school as audience) in creating and performing a unified series of curricular plays on historical topics with contemporary relevance. In collaboration with Historic Northampton, students will research topics in revolutionary-era America and Northampton, create a dramatic work based on their research, and use the expertise of Enchanted Circle Theater artist Nestor Cintron to express and develop the concepts they research. There will also be a theater appreciation workshop for KG, 1st, and 2nd graders to help develop the audience for the work created.

05F-8 Northampton High School Visual and Performing Arts Gallery $606Lisa Leary, Martha McCormick, Lindsay Fogg-Willits

This grant would provide the materials needed to create and install 6 large-scale student paintings in the school’s auditorium. Thematically, the painted images will celebrate the arts, and will be created by students.

05F-9 Families Matter! $2000
Building a Partnership Between Parents and Speech and Language Pathologists
Eliza D’Agostino, Diane Forman Judd

This parent education project is designed to establish a home-school partnership with the speech and language pathologists at JSS and those serving pre-schoolers, with parents and other caretakers through monthly group meetings. This will foster deeper understanding of speech and language services that students are receiving, and teach parents how to reinforce these services at home.

05F-10 Learning Through Movement $1700
Susan McNamara, Jean Flegenheimer

Designed for the Life Skills Classroom at the Ryan Road School, this pilot program will serve eight children with significant physical, emotional, social, and mental challenges. The consultant will teach the classroom teacher and the students a range of activities such as cooperative games, partner play, yoga, healthy breathing, relaxation techniques, anatomy, and learning through movement, music, and storytelling.

05F-11 Box City, a Second Grade Adventure in Community Building $1020
Susan Scallion, Johanna McKenna, Susan Hanno, Mary Jo Nagle

The second grade teachers at the Leeds and Bridge Street Schools in collaboration with Learning by Design and the National American Institute of Architects will create models of sustainable communities that will engage children in a hands-on architecture and design project related to the City of Northampton’s initiative with the Sustainable Design Assessment Team. A local architect will participate.

05F-12 Florence Learning Center Video Production $2000
Bill Brown, Randy Gordon

Purchase of equipment for video-making will allow for hands-on learning in areas such as sociology (interviewing member of the Young at Heart Chorus as oral history, for example), interdisciplinary social justice (interviewing Vietnam Veterans), media literacy (making commercials), and job interview skills (making videos of mock interviews).

05F-13 Under One Sky: Songs, Instruments, and Dances from our Families and Around the World $2000
Barbara Dihlman, Beth Warren

The 2nd grade students at Ryan Road School (of whom over 60% have learning disabilities or mental health issues) will participate in a program using family history and oral history to learn about culture and immigration. The students will share what they have learned, the consultant will teach songs and dances from those cultures, and the project will culminate in a performance.

05F-14 Weather LEEDers $1400
Dave Wicinas, Greg White, Jan Spearance, Camilla Munska, Suzanne Scallion

This grant purchases and installs an integrated weather station on site at Leeds Elementary School. Students will obtain weather information, record data, and engage in scientific inquiry and data analysis. This connects with the science curriculum at Leeds and will be available on an ongoing basis. The information will be posted on the school website.

SPRING 2005 AWARDS - (Projects to be completed between 7/1/05 and 6/30/06)

05S-1: Gamelan Music
Rob Urbank; JFK, $200

This is the third year of this project for seventh-grade music classes at JFK Middle School.
Students will learn to play Javanese Gamelan music on classroom instruments then travel to Smith College to play authentic instruments under the direction of ethnomusicologist Margaret Sarkissian. This study will be integrated with the social studies curriculum. * Note that NEF program guidelines limit the amount of funding in the third year to one-half of the amount granted in the previous year ($400)

05S-2: Shakespeare & Company Performance and Workshops
Elaine Kachavos, Diana Ajjan; JFK, $2,000

Members of the Shakespeare & Company’s Education Program will conduct hands-on theatre workshops and dramatic coaching with two JFK teams as a springboard for their unit on Shakespeare and a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The professional troupe will also perform for all eighth-grade students to foster an appreciation of Shakespeare’s contribution to dramatic literature and language.

05S-3: A Celebration of Ancient and Classical Greece
Tracy Dawson-Greene, Diana Ajjan ; JFK, $2,000

This project will engage 7th grade students on the Banana Split team in experiencing and learning about Greek history, mythology, drama, music and dance. Nick Kachulis will be artist/scholar in residence and will work with the teachers to deliver this instruction. There will be a series of 16 workshops, at the end of which students will create and present original multi-genre projects based on their understanding of ancient Greek culture and mythology. These projects will be presented to the school and community in a “Museum of Ancient and Classical Greece” to be held at the school. Applicants have applied to the JFK PTO for $1,500 and are seeking funding from other sources so that the full cost of the residency - $6,000 - would be covered. This is the second year of funding for this project.

05S-4: Math Problem Solvers
Margie Riddle; Bridge St., $1,904

This project supports the efforts of math teachers at Bridge St. School to continue their professional development in mathematics by studying and sharing ideas from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) journal “Teaching Children Mathematics.” Funding will support a one-year membership in NCTM for up to seven teachers as well as quarterly meetings where teachers can collaborate on math problems and share information on the application of NCTM standards to the teaching of mathematics. A similar study group held a number of years ago resulted in a school-wide collaboration to present math problems and the publication of an article in a professional publication.

05S-5: Family Writing Nights
Leslie Skantz-Hodgson; SVAHS, $1,000

Smith Vocational-Agricultural High School students and their parents will gather at the school to read, discuss and write about the book Seedfolks by Jay Fleishman over two sessions. In a third session, students and parents will cull favorite family photos and write narratives to accompany them. The narratives will be printed on attractive stationery appropriate for preservation as part of the family’s written history. Journaling and discussion will be assigned for homework. The project, which includes casual pizza dinners, will help improve reading and writing skills, encourage discussion about books, encourage communication between parents and children and increase participants’ comfort level in writing.

05S-6: Flight Investigation and Demonstration
JJudith Lyons; SVAHS, $722.50

Eight students will be transported to the Northampton Airport where they will meet a qualified flight instructor, participate in a tour of the facility and take a two-hour ground school lesson on aviation. Then the students will take turns going for a ride to observe a practical demonstration of what they learned in ground school. Each student will be asked to write a summary of their expectations and observations. This project will enhance classroom learning in English, math and science by revealing its value to the physical world beyond the school walls. The trip will be videotaped for additional use in the classroom.

05S-7: Bringing the World to the Classroom: A Local/Global Connection
Beth Dichter, Tom Kress, Amy Johnson, Susan Barocas; NHS, $2,000

This grant will fund the equipment needed to create a digital video library of local, national and international speakers who participant in video conferences with students. Northampton received video conferencing equipment through a grant funded by the Department of Education, but recording these conferences requires special equipment. Creating the library provides opportunities to extend learning beyond a single classroom in Northampton. The video library resources will be made available for borrowing by community organizations and other school districts through a video conferencing network. Student and community volunteers will be recruited to participate in taping and editing the presentations.

05S-8: Lunchbox Science
Kate Parrott; JFK, $1,350

This program provides fun, experiential science experiments contained in lunchboxes that can be checked out by students in seventh-grade science classes. Each lunchbox contains all of the materials necessary to complete an experiment, a journal for student reactions and input, and explanation of the student’s results and ideas for further study. These kits are intended for home use where students and their families can participate together in fun, hands-on science experiments.

05S-9: The Jackson St. School News
Mary Cowhey, Kim Gerould; Jackson St., $1,243

The Jackson St. School News will provide students from Grades 2-5 the opportunity to work collaboratively on a bi-monthly newspaper under the guidance of teachers who are themselves published writers and of journalists from the community. Students will be involved in every aspect of newspaper writing and publishing, from story planning and development to illustration, editing and publishing. The goals are to promote student interest in expository writing, build writing confidence and skill, promote understanding of the role of editing and revision in all written work and promote a greater sense of community at Jackson St. School.

05S-10: Peacemakers’ Academy
Gwen Agna
; Jackson St., $1,750

The Peacemakers’ Academy will provide three levels of enrichment activities (beginner, intermediate, advanced) as a way for students to explore and master skills and interests through an “elective” program that enriches the educational environment. Students will also practice working collaboratively and will be taught fundamentals of conflict resolution, which will be practiced and used throughout the academy. Volunteers will provide instruction. The grant will fund the services of one theater teacher who will develop a three-step theater unit that can be viewed as a template throughout the academy, and cover the use of substitutes if necessary. Jackson St. School teachers will have the opportunity to build upon the enrichment program in class and carry the philosophy of enrichment education for all into their classrooms.



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