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2004-2005 Funded Projects

Fall 2004 | Spring 2004

FALL 2004 AWARDS - (Projects to be completed between 1/1/05 and 6/30/05)

04F-1: Literacy Collaboration: Jackson St. Writers, JFK Techies
Katherine Fleming, Mary Bates, Mary Cowhey, Kim Gerould; JFK/Jackson St, $750

This is the third year of a literacy collaboration between eighth-grade students from JFK Middle School and elementary students from Jackson St. School. JFK students will design and publish Web pages that illustrate original written work by the younger students. This work will include: writings based on books and poems; interviews the children conduct in school; original poems, stories, and other compositions; highlights from the Jackson Street Language Sharing Program; and scientific observations. The middle school students will o utilize scanners, digital cameras, and Web-authoring software to create a finished product. Note that NEF program guidelines limit the amount of funding in the third year to one-half of the amount granted in the previous year (in this case $1,495.00)

04F-2: A Festival of Stories Residency with John Porcino
Beth Warren, Barbara Dihlmann, Paula Drabek; RK Finn Ryan Rd., $2,000

Local storyteller John Porcino will conduct a four-day residency in Spring 2005 with the school’s 55 second graders. This residency, “A Festival of Stories,” will expand upon the school-wide performance and hour-long workshops that Mr. Porcino conducted last year for the same students who were then in first grade. That effort was funded by the RK Finn Ryan Road Cultural Arts Committee. This residency is designed to enhance the oral language competencies of second-grade students. The work will include selecting and mapping stories, creating oral presentations and performing for K-1 classes and parents.

04F-3: The Study of World War II
Pam Gauthier-Lynes, Virginia Wooster; JFK, $1,300

This project is designed for seventh- and eighth-grade reading students. They will complete an in-depth study of WWII through reading, writing, scrap booking and attending a live performance of “Lily’s Crossing”. In this study, they will use various multidisciplinary approaches to get involved and excited about the study of the World War II time period. Through their reading of Lily’s Crossing and Boy at War, the students will develop reading, writing and thinking skill while learning about an important historical event.

04F-4: “Over the Rainbow”
Seroe Michaud and Heidi Haas; Leeds, $2,000

The project is a fifth-grade musical production of the Wizard of Oz. It will provide 65 fifth-graders an opportunity to participate in a project that will unify their class in a project that combines music, art and theater. Ms. Michaud, Department Chair for Music, Theater and Dance in Northampton Public Schools, wrote the script in 1987 and will direct the music. Ms. Haas, a local community theater educator, will direct the production. There are also plan to include the participation of kindergarten “buddies.” Daytime and evening performances are planned for the entire school and the community.

SPRING 2004 AWARDS - (Projects to be completed between 7/1/04 and 6/30/05)

04S-1: Exploring Northampton’s Water
Catherine Wanat; NHS, $1,540

This grant will allow students in the high school’s Environmental Science classes to develop an enhanced understanding of the water resources in their community. Students will explore rainfall, groundwater, runoff and surface water in relation to their own use of our water resources. A physical groundwater model will allow students to visualize and understand the complex movement of water in the subsurface. Students will choose water monitoring locations in Northampton and develop a water quality monitoring plan, which will be implemented in the fall and spring. Students will summarize their findings in a poster display for NHS and other community locations.

04S-2: Monoprints and Drawing: An Interdisciplinary Connection
Lisa Leary ; NHS, $1,525

This will introduce art students to the similarities between drawing and printmaking. Local artist Liz Chalfin will teach students and teacher alike about nontoxic printmaking techniques, which are relatively new to the field. Furthermore, students will become aware of printmaking’s place in art history and in the development of significant artists’ work. They will be exposed to contemporary printmaking through their exposure to a working print studio in their own community.

04S-3: Gamelan Music
Steven Hinks ; JFK, $400

Five of Steven Hinks’s 7th grade music classes will learn Javanese Gamelan music on classroom instruments and then go to Smith College to play authentic instruments under the direction of ethnomusicologist Margaret Sarkissian. This study will be integrated with the social studies curriculum on Asia. This is the second year NEF has funded this project.

04S-4: A Celebration of Ancient Greece
Tracy Dawson-Greene, Nancy Cheevers; JFK, $2,000

This project will engage 7th grade students on the Banana Split team in experiencing and learning about Greek history, mythology, drama, music and dance. Nick Kachulis will be artist/scholar in residence and will work with the teachers to deliver this instruction. There will be a series of 24 workshops, at the end of which students will create and present multi-genre projects, including original plays, presentations, expository and creative writing and artwork based on their understanding of ancient Greek culture and major gods or goddesses featured in Greek myths. Applicants have applied to the JFK PTO for $1,000 so that the full cost of the residency, $3,000, would be covered.

04S-5: From Plants to Pulp to Paper
Janice Battey, Laura Vachula, Mary Tighe, Janet Gary; Bridge St., $1,650

How paper is made, when it was first made and what it is made of are some of the questions 3rd grade students will have answered in this project with artist-in-residence Sheryl Jaffee. This five-day workshop will give children an opportunity to not only learn the history of making paper by hand from its origins in China to local paper mills in Massachusetts but to engage in the process of making their own paper. They will learn how books were made in Colonial America, and they will create their own books with their handmade paper, sewing the bindings by hand, and then fill the pages with drawings and writings.

04S-6: “Patchwork Stories” Literary Magazine Project
Johanna McKenna, Janet Gary, Kathleen Casale, Margaret Riddle; Bridge St., $1,999.37

The creation of Patchwork Stories magazine will provide students the opportunity to enrich their literacy education and feel part of the larger community of Bridge St. School. Every student will contribute a piece of poetry, fiction or nonfiction. Students will also provide illustrations. The goal is to promote student interest in and appreciation for written language, build student confidence in their writing skills and produce a durable product that is representative of the whole school community.

04S-7: Bridge St. School First Annual Science Fair
Karen Hurd, Johanna McKenna, Joan Tabachnik; Bridge St., $1,073.50

“Science and You,” Bridge St. School’s science fair, is designed to foster interest in the sciences among all students at all grade levels. Teachers and parents will work with students in grades 2-5 to develop science projects tied to their grade-level curriculum and suitable for exhibition (a detailed process will be provided to all participants). In addition to in-school time, a weeklong after-school clinic will be offered to all students who wish to receive additional assistance on their projects. All students will present their work to the school community during an in-school exhibit and to parents and a panel of experts in an evening reception and exhibit.

04S-8: Writing Poetry Workshop with Leslea Newman
Cynthia Berry, Barbara Kowalski; Ryan Rd., $2,000

Local author Leslea Newman will do a four-day residency at R.K.Finn Ryan Rd. School working with third through fifth graders. Poetry is an important feature of the third and fourth grade language arts curriculum and a natural form of expression for the themes explored in the fifth grade curriculum, including family, differences in cultures and friendship. Using specific writing exercises and lots of visual cues, Ms. Newman will teach students how to draw on their observation skills (using the senses), their own life experiences (using memory) and their own imagination (the sky’s the limit!) to create poetry. Teachers will learn techniques that they will be able to integrate into their classrooms.

04S-9: Jackson St. School/Coleham Primary School Exchange Program
Gwen Agna, Barbara Black; Jackson St., $2,000

The principal and teachers at Jackson St. School are in the process of creating an ongoing exchange with a primary school in Shrewsbury, England. The first phase of this project was a group teacher visitation from Jackson St. to Coleham in March 2004. This grant will fund teacher time to reflect upon, analyze and document the first stage of the exchange. Teachers will be involved in inquiry-based, data-driven research. They will look at all the materials and knowledge gained at Coleham and do a comparison study. The hope is to eventually turn this work into a journal article and, more importantly, develop ideas and plans for enhancing their work at Jackson St..

04S-10: Bridging the Gap - Native Collaborations & Perspectives in Celebration of 350 Years of Northampton
Jackie Coe, Kim O’Connell
; Jackson St., $2,000

Native American specialists Jennifer Lee and Marge Bruchac will present professional development workshops for the entire faculty in anticipation of a strong focus in the school during fall 2004 on Northampton’s heritage in conjunction with the 350-year founding celebration. All activities connected with the residency will seek to expand and bridge the areas of European-based/settler area history and present life with that of pre-existing Native peoples, through storytelling, re-enactment, explorations of Native daily life and technology, and field trips to surrounding sites of local historical interest. Activities will culminate in a Harvest Festival, composed of Native and settler food prepared by students and performances of Native music and dance, all serving as a celebration of community and partnership both past and present. Funding is being sought from other sources to cover the entire project cost of $5,400.

04S-11: The Journey of the Monarchs
Jan Spearance, Trish Duffy; Leeds, $1,800

This project involves kindergarten and grade one. To enhance the study of monarch butterflies, funding will be used to: 1) consolidate video and digital images of the monarch nesting area in El Rosario, Michoacan, Mexico and combine these with images of the beginning stages of monarch migration from Leeds School into a multimedia format; 2) transfer digital photography onto cd’s for classroom use; 3) purchase thematic picture books and video to supplement the unit; 4) buy tagging kits to be used to observe and record data about monarchs on site; and 5) bring local author/illustrator Bob Marstall into the school to give a presentation about illustrating and writing An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly.


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