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NEF Small Grant Recipients - Spring 2012

Small Grants Awarded at Spring Meeting

The following NEF Small Grants Projects were approved for funding at the NEF Board spring meeting:
Total: 10 projects @ $14,945

12S-1 Music Together Preschool! (2nd year)
BSS $1485
Barbara Black
Weekly ďMusic TogetherĒ group for three of NPS half-day preschool classes. The BSS preschool program serves children from all of Northampton, providing programming for children with disabilities and age appropriate peers.

12S-2 Outdoor Classroom Gardens (2nd year)
Leeds $2,000
Renee Bachman, Bonnie Palmer, Mary Jo Nagle, Hannah Kristek
The rehabilitated elementary school garden will provide hands-on curriculum based lessons that will accommodate all learning styles. In a continued collaboration with School Sprouts, teachers and students will maintain a viable outdoor classroom throughout 2012 growing season

12S-3 The Power of Our Words- ESPs and Teachers Together
JSS $2,000
Mary Porcino, Kathy Bredin, Paula Welchman, Maria Rivera
ESPís are frequently called upon to work with our most challenging and challenged children. ESPís will join teachers in a monthly study group to examine The Power of Our Words as well as the companion video: Teacher Language in a Responsive Classroom. Both the book and video demonstrate how to use words, tone, and pacing to build a school community and enhance our work with children.

12S-4 Jackson St School Mindfulness in Education Initiative (2nd year)
JSS $2,000
Gwen Agna, Ellen Goldsmith, Tiki Govantes, BethAnn Albro-Fisher
PHASE 2 of the JSS Mindfulness Program will support Phase 1 participants in bringing mindfulness practices more fully into the classroom setting. Through mentoring and coaching in research-based mindfulness curriculum, teachers and students will experience discreet mindfulness activities, as well as begin to develop mindful behaviors that will support positive learning communities, enhance academic performance and promote social-emotional growth.

12S-5 Responsive Classroom-Train the Trainer
RKFRR $1,945
Margaret Riddle, Susan Lucey, Patty Tosswell, Beth Brady
Three staff members will receive training to lead their colleagues in Responsive Classroom workshops. The training will provide materials to use in leading colleagues in up to eight training sessions. This project will allow RKFRR teachers to deepen their understanding of the Responsive Classroom approach and train new staff who join the community.

12S-6 Whatís Math Got to Do With It? (3rd year)
RKFRR $600
Margaret Riddle, Michele Andrews, Beth Brady, Paula Drabek, Mary Beth OíConnor
This project will acquaint teachers and family members, working together, with the research that supports a new way of teaching math. The group will read the book Whatís Math Got to Do With It? and, in one-hour sessions, try out addition and subtraction operations using strategies the children use. Since all mathematics computation is based upon similar principles and strategies, we propose to complete our three year series by concentrating only on addition and subtraction, moving along only as fast as the group is able to handle. We feel this approach will better meet the adult learnerís needs.

12S-7 Introduction to Color Glass Fusing with Visiting Artist
JFK $1,200
Michelle Mallory, Herschel Levine, Max Lefko-Everett
This project will introduce all 7th grade students at JFK Middle School to the history and art of glass, specifically glass fusing. The visiting artist will share his knowledge and experience of glass with students. The artist will also demonstrate and work with students to create their own glass fused artwork.

12S-8 Northampton Robotics FIRST Program
NHS $2000
Amy Johnson, Mark Arsenault, Scott McEuen, Scott Barton
Weekly meetings will be held in the fall 2012 to introduce students to software necessary to design a robot, the hardware involved, basic techniques and safety procedures of the workshop, and other topics critical to the building of a successful robot. Beginning in January 2013, students will spend 6 weeks designing and building a robot to compete in the Worcester Polytechnic Competition in early March 2013.

12S-9 Caught Off Guard- Theater Education/Peer Health Troupe
NHS $2000
Karen Jarvis Vance, Heidi Hass, Trenda Loftin
This project is designed to implement peer health education into the curriculum by establishing a student based troupe to work with their peers and younger students. The program would be modeled after the NYC troupe NiteStar, which has performed at JFK in the past.

12S-10 NHS Model UN Club Conferences
NHS $1,720
Ben Taglieri, Sara Moss-Horowitz, Katie Sperry, Sage Loomis
This project will expand Northampton High Schoolís Model UN club, both in terms of numbers and increased activity. The plan is to attend three Model UN conferences in the 2012-2013 school year, as well as to explore international issues by sponsoring simulations within the NHS Model UN club.

NEF Small Grants Committee:
Sallie Deans Lake, Chair
Susan Rosen
Julie Hooks Davis,
Judith Ryan,


Last Updated: June 18, 2012