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Announcing the Fifth Annual NEF Endowment Fund Request for Proposals

The NEF Endowment Fund supports broad-based initiatives encouraging innovation with a continuing, lasting impact on Northampton Public Schools. We fund programs for one to three years. These programs are not intended to replace regular school budget items, so we will rarely consider programs included in the school budget during the previous five years. We encourage, but do not require, proposals that will use Endowment funds to leverage and/or combine with other funduing sources or in-kind contributions. This year, approximately $30,000 will be available to fund one or two projects.

Any Person or Group May Submit Proposals
Applicants Must Demonstrate Support from School Personnel

An Endowment-funded project should represent a meaningful expansion, adaptation, or improvement of current practice or curricula in Northampton Schools. When appropriate, applicants must demonstrate that an approach or technique is supported by research.

Broad Based We prefer programs affecting large numbers of students. Examples are system-wide, school-wide, multi-grade programs, or those involving multiple schools.

Lasting and Continuing Impact
We favor programs that create lasting benefits to students, curriculum and programming and/or that explore significant problems or deficiencies in the schools. We fund programs that augment and support the goals and priorities of the Northampton School Department and the School Councils.  

For a brief description of previously funded programs, go to:

Request for Proposals

If you are interested, submit a preliminary proposal of no more than five pages by March 1, 2011. Your proposal must include response to the following:

1. Succinctly describe your program

2. Who proposes the project?

3. Which schools will your program target?

4. When will your program begin and how long will it last?

5. Which school personnel support your proposal?

6. What resources do you need?

7. Outline your preliminary budget.

8. Why is your program valuable to Northampton Schools?

9. What will be this program's continuing and lasting contribution?

10. How will you measure and assess this program? 

The NEF Endowment Fund Distribution Committee will screen preliminary proposals. If yours is selected for review, Committee members may work with you to refine your final submission. Finalists will present their proposals to the Distribution Committee. We will announce awards by the end of this school year.

 Send proposals electronically by March 1, 2011 to:

If you have further questions please contact Owen Freeman-Daniels at 530-1054 or Stan Schapiro at 584-3983.

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Distribution Committee

1.  The Distribution Committee will consist of:

  • 1 representative from each school council in the Northampton School District chosen by the council. Representatives may not be employees of the Northampton School District.
  • 3 NEF Board members.
  • 3 community members who are not parents of current students or currently teachers. These will be chosen by the NEF Board. The Board is encouraged to select a member from the business community, a member from the human service community, and a member from the higher education community.
  • 1 student from NHS: the senior class president or his/her designee (one year term).
  • 2 alumni of the Northampton Schools selected by the NEF Board.

2.  Distribution Committee members will serve for a two-year term and may be reappointed for one subsequent two-year term. Initial appointments will be staggered between two- and three-year terms.

3.  The job of the Distribution Committee will be to review proposals and make recommendations to the NEF Board for funding from the NEF Endowment Fund.

4.  The Distribution Committee, and/or a subcommittee thereof, may also be the distribution committee for the Small Grants to Teachers Program.

5.  The NEF Board will make the final decisions regarding funding of all projects.

Reporting and Monitoring Progress

1.  Grantees will be expected to provide an annual report to the Distribution Committee describing their accomplishments and their progress towards fulfilling the goals of the proposal. The annual report will also include their plans to further meet the goals and any modifications of the project. A format will be developed for annual reporting.

2.  The Distribution Committee will assign a member to act as liaison to work with each grantee. The liaison will act as a contact person during the term of the award.

3.  The Distribution Committee will report on these activities to the NEF Board at least annually.

4.  The NEF Board retains the right to modify or revise these guidelines.

For More Information

For more information about the NEF Distribution Guidelines, please contact:

Stan Schapiro 413-584-3983


Last Updated: January 22, 2011